WRITER: Jason Hall

Movies American Sniper Movie Shot

A patriotic Navy SEAL becomes the country’s most lethal shot while struggling to cope with his own reality in American Sniper. Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) grew up as a God-fearing, America-loving Texas cowboy. His father taught him how to handle a rifle, how to handle bullies and, most importantly, how to handle himself. As soon […]

Movies Paranoia Movie Shot

A frustrated tech employee wants his shot at the big time and gets his chance — and all that comes with it — in Paranoia. Adam Cassidy (Liam Hemsworth) works for one of the biggest mobile companies in the world. The problem is that he’s not content to slowly work his way to the top, hoping against […]

Movies Paranoia Movie Shot

When I think of paranoia, I imagine a nagging feeling that someone is watching me or that something is going to happen or go wrong. You would think that the title Paranoia would lead to a film with someone who’s out of control mentally and afraid of something. Well, that’s not the case with this […]