CAST: Alison Brie

Movies Get Hard Movie Shot

A socially ignorant millionaire, convicted of fraud, enlists the help of the only felon whom he knows in Get Hard. Investment banker James King (Will Ferrell) is living the dream. He’s got the great paying job, the treasure-laden estate, the trophy girlfriend, the status-worthy car, staff and clothing. The only thing that seems to be […]

Movies The LEGO Movie Movie Shot

I first encountered LEGO bricks in the late ‘70s. I was torn between sinking all of my meager savings from chores, birthdays and holidays into LEGO sets or my new Atari 2600, and the video games prevailed. Were it not for a greater addiction to video games, I could have gone down that path of […]

Movies The Kings Of Summer Movie Shot

Three 15-year-olds spend their summer building a makeshift house in the woods and find themselves along the way in the coming-of-age tale The Kings of Summer. Back in 1979, my closest friends and I scoured the landscape to collect every type of building material we could get our hands on. The goal was to build […]