CAST: Laura Dern

Movies 99 Homes Movie Poster

A young single father has to swallow his pride and accept the unthinkable after the family house is repossessed in 99 Homes. Dennis Nash (Andrew Garfield) is like countless other typical hard-working Americans. He lives paycheck to paycheck, taking whatever construction work that he can find to keep his family in the only house that […]

Movies When the Game Stands Tall Movie Shot

A high school football coach must refocus his young team’s priorities after its highly-regarded winning streak comes to an end in When the Game Stands Tall. De La Salle’s high school football coach, Bob Ladouceur (Jim Caviezel), was the man behind the legendary winning streak of 151 games, spanning 13 years and 12 flawless seasons. As […]

Movies Jurassic Park 3D Movie Shot

The epic Dinosaurs of 1993 are back from extinction, yet again saved by technology, and this time it’s 3D to the rescue. Jurassic Park first dawned on movie screens exactly 20 years ago in 1993. Then, it was a stunning example of what technology could do for storytelling in a motion picture format. The effects were  at the […]