CAST: Michael B. Jordan

Movies Fantastic Four Movie Shot

Some superhero movies in the ‘80s and ‘90s were really bad. The Punisher is my favorite comic book character, and 1989’s The Punisher tanked because it was both a bad movie and a bad adaptation of the comic. The quality of the films with Marvel characters really ramped up with Iron Man and carried forward […]

Movies That Awkward Moment Movie Shot

Three unenlightened best friends find it challenging to keep their vow to avoid a serious romantic relationship in That Awkward Moment. When one of their friends finds out that his storybook marriage is over, the three agree on a pact to swear off all serious romantic relationships. Casual sex is the order of the day, but […]

Movies Fruitvale Station Movie Shot

A young, troubled father, struggling to finally put his life back together, is tragically killed by transit police in the true story of Fruitvale Station. Oscar Grant (Michael B. Jordan) was returning from a night out with friends, enjoying San Francisco’s New Year’s Eve festivities for 2009. A fight broke out on the train that […]

Movies Chronicle Movie Shot

For the first film to see in 2012 I decided to check out Chronicle. I hadn’t seen any previews and only became interested in it due to its quick success and large collection of positive reviews. Just before I got to the theater I read a couple things about it and realized this was going […]