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Michael Bihovsky is a musical theater composer and performer, and an “invisible illness” advocate. He is best known for his viral YouTube video “One Grain More”, a musical parody of Les Miserables about the plight of the food allergy community. Michael has also written an original musical, "Fresh!", that tells the semi-autobiographical story of a group of college freshmen overcoming physical and emotional adversity amidst the craziness of college. Fresh! is about to have its first staged reading in NYC – for more information and sponsorship opportunities, visit

Movies Preexisting Conditions are No More

With all the hype surrounding the many problems with, few people are asking the truly critical question: once one has surpassed the temporary technical glitches, how is the Affordable Care Act actually working for the average American who is signing up for health insurance? Despite my firm advocacy for the Affordable Care Act since […]

Movies Michael Bihovsky

I have been experiencing severe physical symptoms for the past decade since I was 16. These symptoms were only recently diagnosed as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), bordering the hypermobility and classical types. Over the years, my symptoms have come to match a relatively “textbook” understanding of connective tissue disorders. In earlier stages, however, my chronic global […]