AUTHOR Marnee Klein

Movies Skyward View With Window

Windows with an on/off switch: a new technology dynamically changes whether windows allow heat to pass through or not, while not impacting the light let in. Free singing telegrams through the end of this year from Western Union! (with a new technological twist) Follow-up to the Murder of Mosquitoes: “Genetic Genocide” details the risks and ethical quandaries […]

Movies Cat At Work

Business Section: The dawn of catvertising: “What can cat videos do for YOUR business?” Nuns as gun-totin’ shareholder activists pushing companies to do the right thing (PS: Those are metaphorical guns.  PPS: Googling “Nuns with Guns” is NSFW, which I guess shouldn’t have surprised me.) Retailers force their employees to work the Thanksgiving Holiday as they vie […]

Movies Angel and Buffy

Great reads of the day: Planned Parenthood is finally speaking out about the one issue most affecting our teenagers:  “Vampires may be immortal, but you’re not… Ladies, just because a vampire says he can’t get you pregnant*, it doesn’t mean he can’t give you an STD.” Now, I realize that not all political persuasions can […]