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I love movies, tech, politics, games and more. I've been writing professionally since 1985 and, thankfully, have worked with some of the best editors in the business. I'm also a proud member of the Philadelphia Film Critics Circle and the Broadcast Film Critics Association (Critics Choice Awards).

Movies The Impossible Movie Shot

Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts star as husband and wife Henry and Maria, vacationing with their three sons in Thailand for Christmas. Their idyllic excursion comes to a brutal end when the infamous tsunami comes bursting through their resort and scattering everyone. The early scenes of the movie involve jaw-dropping, highly realistic recreation of the […]

Movies Police Car

Last night I had an interesting conundrum. At 1am my 17 year-old son called with the the worst sort of opening you want to hear from your child: “Dad, there’s a problem. You need to come get me from the police.” So what was the situation? My son—who’s been driving a year—was out with two […]

Movies Wayne LaPierre

The NRA‘s Wayne LaPierre finally delivered the organization’s response to the tragedy in Newport and, to no one’s surprise, their answer to the problem is more guns. Whoever didn’t see that one coming must be living in a cave—without a gun. At a key moment, when the organization needed to show empathy, it instead doubled-down […]

Movies Hanabi

The word “hanabi” is Japanese for “fireworks”. It also happens to be a highly original card game that I absolutely love. Hanabi is a co-operative card game for 2 to 5 players ages 8 and up. I found it works best with 3 or 4 players. It generally takes less than 30 minutes to play. […]

Movies Any Day Now Movie Shot

Rudy, a gay female impersonator (played by Alan Cumming) has his life turned 180 degrees unexpectedly when he ventures into his neighbor’s abandoned apartment to turn down the endlessly playing (and loud) radio only to find her Down Syndrome-suffering child Marco sitting there left all alone. This story, supposedly based on true events (though I […]

Movies Gun Control Cartoon

My comments on the Sandy Hook tragedy focus on two distinct issues. The first issue has to do with hypocrisy. The oft-used lament of the the gun supporter is that guns don’t kill people. People kill people. In other words it’s all about personal responsibility and blaming the person behind it. My issue is that […]

Movies Under Construction

I’ve decided to move the blog site from Google‘s Blogger over to WordPress. I’m very excited about the possibilities but the two products are very different. As a result it’s very likely that a number of things are very likely to change. With change, there’s often unexpected repercussions. I apologize in advance for any clutter or complications […]

Movies Life of Pi Movie Shot

There was something in the previews of Life of Pi that kept me from rushing to see it. To be honest, it looked a bit too fantastical for my tastes. I saw it last night and now lament every single day of having not experienced this wondrous story. The film is about Pi Patel—now older—telling […]

Movies Anna Karenina Movie Shot

I feel cheated. The previews for Anna Karenina did absolutely nothing to prepare me for the unique approach of this telling of the famous Leo Tolstoy story—and I suspect this was very much on purpose. Many people are probably familiar with the tale as there have been decades of books movies, plays and more. However, […]

Movies Chasing Ice Movie Shot

Chasing Ice is a film that documents the disappearance of glaciers from key areas around the globe in a way intended to provide real context. Researcher James Balog built a team dubbed Extreme Ice Survey. The team installed cutting-edge time-lapse cameras in Iceland, Greenland, Alaska and Montana. Understand that installation of this equipment is no small task. The […]

Movies A Royal Affair Movie Shot

A young princess is married-off to a mentally disturbed young king and seeks solace in the arms of her physician in A Royal Affair. I have to admit that I don’t really know much of anything about the broader history of Denmark. In the United States that pretty much means I’m like nearly everyone else. […]

Movies Lincoln Movie Shot

A President struggles with the political and social complexities of freeing an entire race from the shackles of slavery in Lincoln. I never seem to lose the excitement of seeing whatever the latest effort is from uber-director Steven Spielberg. Last year that excitement wasn’t very long-lived, but this year Spielberg has tackled a subject I thought […]