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I love movies, tech, politics, games and more. I've been writing professionally since 1985 and, thankfully, have worked with some of the best editors in the business. I'm also a proud member of the Philadelphia Film Critics Circle and the Broadcast Film Critics Association (Critics Choice Awards).

Movies Life of Pi Movie Shot

There was something in the previews of Life of Pi that kept me from rushing to see it. To be honest, it looked a bit too fantastical for my tastes. I saw it last night and now lament every single day of having not experienced this wondrous story. The film is about Pi Patel—now older—telling […]

Movies Anna Karenina Movie Shot

I feel cheated. The previews for Anna Karenina did absolutely nothing to prepare me for the unique approach of this telling of the famous Leo Tolstoy story—and I suspect this was very much on purpose. Many people are probably familiar with the tale as there have been decades of books movies, plays and more. However, […]

Movies Chasing Ice Movie Shot

Chasing Ice is a film that documents the disappearance of glaciers from key areas around the globe in a way intended to provide real context. Researcher James Balog built a team dubbed Extreme Ice Survey. The team installed cutting-edge time-lapse cameras in Iceland, Greenland, Alaska and Montana. Understand that installation of this equipment is no small task. The […]

Movies A Royal Affair Movie Shot

A young princess is married-off to a mentally disturbed young king and seeks solace in the arms of her physician in A Royal Affair. I have to admit that I don’t really know much of anything about the broader history of Denmark. In the United States that pretty much means I’m like nearly everyone else. […]

Movies Lincoln Movie Shot

A President struggles with the political and social complexities of freeing an entire race from the shackles of slavery in Lincoln. I never seem to lose the excitement of seeing whatever the latest effort is from uber-director Steven Spielberg. Last year that excitement wasn’t very long-lived, but this year Spielberg has tackled a subject I thought […]

Movies The House I Live In Movie Shot

This new documentary on the history, status and impact of the drug war in America will leave you in a state of anger. The House I Live In is presented in a way that leaves very little doubt that the entire effort and all the countless dollars that have gone into this “war” were not […]

Movies Lookout Graphic

This post is about Lookout Mobile Security—an app for Android and iPhone devices. However, this isn’t a review of that product. Its main design is as a security app to lock down and/or locate your missing phone (among other nifty features). This post is about what it isn’t today but should be. One of newer […]

Movies Skyfall Movie Shot

We’re now celebrating 50 years of James Bond films and the latest installment is Skyfall. This entirely new story (that is one not written by Bond creator Ian Fleming) is the second such endeavor with the first effort being the extremely lackluster Quantum of Solace. This iteration came with a litany of glowing reviews but […]

Movies The Sessions Movie Shot

The Sessions is an unlikely tale that combines several aspects that seem completely incompatible and yet weaves it all together to form a beautiful, wonderfully meshed story. This is an autobiographical look at a portion of journalist and poet Mark O’Brien‘s life. One day O’Brien sets a goal to lose his virginity. However, there’s a […]

Movies Just the Facts

The morning after the election leaves me with many thoughts, but there are a few key ones that rise to the top of the list. First, this election was a validation of the value of research and data. Virtually every major polling company laid out their view of the election and, with few exceptions, their […]

Movies Flight Movie Shot

Denzel Washington stars in a new film as a heroic but troubled airline captain in Flight. This is a film that manages to effectively blend a first-rate thriller and a compelling drama into one fluid story line that will have most viewers glued to the edge of their seats throughout. The film really takes place […]

Movies Rudy Giuliani

Last night on CNN during the Piers Morgan show Piers spoke with Rudy Giuliani who spent the entire segment doing absolutely nothing but laying down a total PR job straight out of a talking points memo. It was disgusting to watch. The first segment was nothing but this politicizing and hypocrisy from a man who […]