Box Office Results

November 10-12, 2017

1.Daddy's Home 2  Par.$29.7M 2.Murder on the Orient Express (2017)  Fox$28.7M 3.A Bad Moms Christmas  STX$11.5M 4.Jigsaw  LGF$3.4M 5.Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween  LGF$2M 6.Geostorm  WB$1.6M 7.Blade Runner 2049  WB$1.5M 8.Happy Death Day  Uni.$1.3M 9.Lady Bird  A24$1.2M 10.Let there be Light  ADC$1.1M 11.Only The Brave  Sony$0.9M 12.Thank You for Your Service (2017)  Uni.$0.9M 13.The LEGO Ninjago Movie  WB$0.8M 14.The Foreigner  STX$0.8M 15.Victoria and Abdul  Focus$0.7M 16.TCM Presents Casablanca 75th Anniversary  Fathom$0.6M 17.The Florida Project  A24$0.5M 18.Loving Vincent  Good Deed$0.5M 19.My Little Pony: The Movie  LGF$0.5M 20.LBJ  Electric$0.5M 21.The Killing of a Sacred Deer  A24$0.5M 22.American Made  Uni.$0.4M 23.It  WB (NL)$0.4M 24.Kingsman: The Golden Circle  Fox$0.4M 25.Marshall  ORF$0.4M 26.Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!  Fathom$0.4M 27.Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri  FoxS$0.3M 28.The Mountain Between Us  Fox$0.3M 29.Wonderstruck  RAtt.$0.2M 30.Jane (2017)  Abr.$0.2M 31.Despicable Me 3  Uni.$0.2M 32.My Friend Dahmer  FR$0.2M 33.Same Kind of Different as Me  PFR$0.2M 34.Goodbye Christopher Robin  FoxS$0.2M 35.Last Flag Flying  LGF$0.2M 36.The Square  Magn.$0.2M 37.Battle of the Sexes  FoxS$0.1M 38.Leap!  Wein.$82393 39.The Emoji Movie  Sony$78283 40.Dunkirk  WB$72401 41.Suburbicon  Par.$70079 42.A Question Of Faith  PFR$66280 43.Spider-Man: Homecoming  Sony$58807 44.Novitiate  SPC$52968 45.The Snowman  Uni.$34165 46.God's Own Country  Da.$32471 47.Faces Places  Cohen$32096 48.Wind River  Wein.$31855 49.Lucky (2017)  Magn.$30716 50.Human Flow  Magn.$26108 51.Flatliners (2017)  Sony$25015 52.A Beautiful Planet  Imax$21647 53.No Greater Love  ADC$21520 54.Blade of the Immortal  Magn.$19802 55.1945  Men.$18698 56.Breathe (2017)  BST$18407 57.The Stray  Purd.$17485 58.War for the Planet of the Apes  Fox$16096 59.Tom of Finland  KL$15707 60.Bill Nye: Science Guy  PBS$14350 61.Stronger  RAtt.$13469 62.BPM (Beats Per Minute)  Orch.$11219 63.Thelma  Orch.$10841 64.Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House  SPC$9965 65.Intent to Destroy  Abr.$8699 66.Wait For Your Laugh  Vita.$8602 67.Island of Lemurs: Madagascar (IMAX)  WB$8360 68.All the Queen's Horses  Argo.$6573 69.Kidnap (2017)  Aviron$6161 70.Aida's Secrets  MBox$5982 71.Walk With Me  Gathr$5916 72.Til Death Do Us Part  NN$5235 73.Tragedy Girls  G&S$4973 74.Professor Marston & the Wonder Women  Annapurna$4838 75.The Women's Balcony  Men.$4331 76.Good Time  A24$4275 77.Dina  Orch.$4235 78.Hubble 3D  WB$4199 79.Bad Grandmas  PDF$4140 80.Dealt  IFC$3467 81.City of Rock  WGUSA$3461 82.Under the Sea 3D  WB$3414 83.Shakespeare Wallah (re-issue)  Cohen$3378 84.The Paris Opera  FM$2887 85.Walking Out  IFC$2863 86.Take Every Wave: The Life of Liard Hamilton  IFC$2682 87.Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World  KL$2560 88.The King's Choice  Gold.$2543 89.78/52: Hitchcock's Shower Scene  IFC$2293 90.Chavela  MBox$1791 91.Brimstone and Glory  Osci.$1709 92.Man from Outerspace  Indic.$1605 93.Tulip Fever  Wein.$1521 94.Chasing the Dragon  WGUSA$1470 95.Mansfield 66/67  FB$1256 96.Lost in Paris  Osci.$1224 97.Il Boom (2017 re-release)  Rialto$1222 98.Felicite  Strand$1050 99.The Sacrifice (2017 re-release)  KL$1011 100.Kedi  Osci.$926
101.Journey to the South Pacific  Imax$875
102.Bad Lucky Goat  FM$865
103.Man From Earth: Holocene  PDF$850
104.Maudie  SPC$740
105.Signature Move  Newcity$681
106.Paradise Club  Indic.$642
107.Ribbons  Indic.$604
108.Friend Request  ENTMP$515
109.Born to Be Wild (IMAX)  WB$498
110.Paradise (2017)  FM$462
111.Rat Film  CGld$448
112.The Challenge (2017)  KL$426
113.Dreamboat  Strand$402
114.The Teacher  FM$342
115.Frank Serpico  IFC$325
116.30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story  Indic.$275
117.Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards  MBox$270
118.Maigret Sets a Trap (2017 re-release)  KL$250
119.The Force (2017)  KL$210
120.Dawson City: Frozen Time  KL$85