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A week ago I wrote about the new streaming service, Vudu. After several days of use I already have some comments/concerns that might impact those thinking of trying it out. First and foremost is that if you go down this path understand that Vudu doesn’t fully control their own destiny. The entire affair is tied […]

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Recently I’ve lamented about the strange state of missing pieces regarding Netflix and just last week mentioned that major competition was on the way via Redbox. Most recently I was alerted to a new option available to me on my Roku device. It seems that the Walmart-owned Vudu service is finally available on all Roku’s […]

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The news is filled with lots of stories about the 100-year anniversary of the loss of the Titanic. I’ve been a Titanic buff for many years now absorbing most everything available surrounding the tragic story. Of course that includes seeing the 1997 film. For many of those interested in the historical aspects the film represented […]

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Another year has come and gone and that means it’s time for me to look over the movies I saw that were released in 2011. This year was challenging for several reasons. Personally I had a ton going on that kept getting in the way of making it out to the theater. Also, when I […]

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Today I caught a news story about how theaters are now doing everything they can to offset a down turn in ticket sales (it’s down 15% from where it was a decade ago). The main reason listed is where I’m taking issue. The culprit, according to the story, is a combination of the explosion of […]

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I remember when Internet Movie Database, commonly referred to as IMDB, first got started a number of years ago. It was one of the top sites for showing off how the Internet could transform industry and represented one of the very best sites overall. However, as it was new it was also dominated by geeky […]

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It’s that time where I get to write my favorite blog post—my recap of the movies I caught at the theater this past year. 2010 was a very disjointed year for me. I had some unexpected health issues, some vocational issues, some life issues (good and bad) that all impacted my usual frenetic movie-viewing pace. […]

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2009 was a year I’m glad is now behind us. I lost my mother, lost my job, got hit by a drunk driver, saw both of my cars mangled in accidents (in addition to the one with the drunk driver) and, most appropriately, saw less movies as a result. The total was 34 which was […]


I had an interesting interaction with AMC the last few days. After my comments on Friday I decided to really get to the bottom of the concerns I had and did some digging. I finally found their corporate contact info on a business-related site and called their Vice President of Operations. I didn’t actually reach […]


I recently have been writing about my disdain for AMC Theaters and I wanted to mention that I’ve been trying to contact the right people to try to at least reach someone in a position of authority that can explain to me why the experience at an AMC theater has to be so awful. The […]


In my review of Paranormal Activity I mentioned how much I despise the AMC/Lowes theater in town. About a decade or so ago a theater opened here that was part of a small local chain called Ritz Theaters. They specialized in art houses and built this flagship location after years of toiling in the business […]


Saw Up for the second time on Sunday night. Just wanted to say briefly that it’s quite a film. It was extremely impressive in plain old 2D with many vibrant colors. I also found it even more emotional this time around. The jokes were also just as funny. The pre-movie short was also more impressive […]