DIRECTOR: Lasse Hallström

Movies The Hundred-Foot Journey Movie Shot

A young, aspiring Indian cook hopes to one day fulfill his mother’s dreams by becoming a great chef in The Hundred-Foot Journey. Hassan Haji (Manish Dayal) grew up surrounded by the aromatic ambiance provided by his family’s well-regarded Indian restaurant. His lifelong fascination with food came directly from his mother. She spent many long evenings […]

Movies Safe Haven Movie Shot

The latest Nicholas Sparks novel to be filmed is Safe Haven. It’s another romance surrounded by elements that threaten an otherwise obvious love affair. I must admit that I’m a huge fan of The Notebook which has gotten me no shortage of curious looks from various friends but I still contend it’s a great love […]

Movies Safe Haven Movie Shot

I wish that I had a winning formula for anything — perhaps video game design or writing — that would produce money at a regular rate with different versions of that same formula. Nicholas Sparks seems to have a knack for writing romantic dramas that get turned into movies starring pretty actors kissing in the rain. Some […]