DIRECTOR: Michael Moore

Movies Capitalism: A Love Story Movie Shot

This weekend I got in another round of seeing two movies. The first one up was Michael Moore‘s latest documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story. I’ve been a fan of Michael’s movies and unlike many of my conservative friends, who go to great lengths to disparage them, I’ve actually seen them. I must say that I […]

Movies Slacker Uprising Movie Shot

The other movie of the week is a bit different. It’s Slacker Uprising—the latest film from documentary luminary Michael Moore. This one is available now, for free, to watch online. Moore released this to everyone as a 20th anniversary present for his first movie, Roger and Me. It’s probably all the same that he did it […]

Movies Sicko Movie Shot

On Saturday I visited my brother in Manhattan. He needed some computer help and I hadn’t been up to see him in some time. After dealing with the computer and getting him set up with a universal remote for his home theater, we headed out to see Sicko which was playing at the local AMC/Loews. I will say […]