GENRE: Documentary

Movies Best of Enemies Movie Shot

A network desperate for ratings unwittingly ignites an iconic political firestorm in the fascinating documentary Best of Enemies. In 1968, the populace of the United States suddenly found itself torn in half on several fronts. The escalating war in Vietnam pitted son against father. The Civil Rights movement set black against white. The growing women’s […]

Movies Sunshine Superman Movie Shot

A nerdy, eccentric engineer finds love and wonder in the curious documentary Sunshine Superman. Carl Boenish knew a thing or two about overcoming daunting obstacles. As a child, Carl was stricken with polio, losing the use of his legs for nearly a year. Once back on his feet, nothing could keep him grounded. Boenish would […]

Movies Merchants of Doubt Movie Shot

The clandestine campaign to bend the will of public opinion is scrutinized in the captivating documentary Merchants of Doubt. Are you fascinated by magicians and their ability to pull off the seemingly impossible? For centuries, the best magicians have mastered the art of misdirection and human psychology — all in the name of entertainment. Countless […]

Movies Art and Craft Movie Shot

The curious case of a master forger and the complicated effort to end his deception is the focus of the documentary Art and Craft. For decades, an incredibly talented forger named Mark Landis managed to fool the very best curators at top museums all around the United States, and no one seemed to care. Sporting a frail […]

Movies Last Days In Vietnam Movie Shot

As America recovers from the shock of Watergate, the fragile peace in Far East Asia collapses and ushers in the Last Days in Vietnam. In 1963, President Lyndon Johnson took up the battle against Communism by escalating the fight against the North Vietnamese in Vietnam. American men were suddenly being whisked away from a world […]

Movies Life Itself Movie Shot

The life of the world’s most renowned film critic is examined, dissected and celebrated in the documentary Life Itself. Roger Ebert was a legendary film critic and life commentator. He was a wordsmith extraordinaire who could turn a phrase with the precision and agility of a Grand Prix race car driver negotiating a sharp curve. That wit and […]

Movies Bears Movie Shot

A mother bear with two young cubs looks to protect and provide for them in their first year of life in the Disneynature film Bears. This is the seventh film in a series that started with 2007’s highly-regarded Earth. The most recent films haven’t come close to matching its success or quality. Looking to break the trend, this […]

Movies Finding Vivian Maier Movie Shot

People who go to flea markets dream of the day that they buy an innocuous painting for $5 that turns out to be a valuable work of art. You hear these stories every year, and other modern equivalents involve treasures found in the contents of houses in estate sales or in storage lockers as seen […]

Movies Finding Vivian Maier Movie Shot

An eccentric nanny leaves behind a legacy of priceless photographs and endless questions in Finding Vivian Maier. In April 2009, a very tall, 83-year-old woman quietly passed away. No one really knew all that much about her. Two years earlier, a 26-year-old real estate agent, John Maloof, looking for pictures of a local Chicago neighborhood, […]