GENRE: Horror

Movies Let Me In Movie Shot

I decided to check out an American remake of a foreign favorite called Let The Right One In and renamed here to Let Me In. The most accurate single word I can use to describe the movie would absolutely have to be “dark”. Everything about this film is dark, subdued, shadowy, etc. It’s essentially the […]

Movies Paranormal Activity Movie Shot

This past weekend I caught the low-budget chiller Paranormal Activity. The film is shot in what many now call the Blair Witch style—that is it uses unknown actors in basic settings using minimal equipment to tell its story. Unfortunately for me the film wasn’t showing at my favorite theater but instead at the AMC theater […]

Movies Thirst Movie Shot

Later in the weekend I decided to check out the Korean vampire film that, in English, is called Thirst. The movie is a frustrating one that grabs your attention and then bores you once it has you. It tests your willpower by giving you a stunning visual and following it with another that’s entirely inconceivable […]

Movies Drag Me To Hell Movie Shot

The career of Sam Raimi has been filled with films that impress all types of audiences. His big directorial break came in 1981 with the release of The Evil Dead. He solidified his reputation as a horror master with 1992s Army of Darkness—a film so perfectly mixed with horror and comedy that it set itself […]

Movies Mirrors Movie Shot

Another trip to the local AMC turns into another huge mistake to see the horror movie, Mirrors. The AMC theater has done nothing but annoy us from the beginning. It’s a huge tease. Wonderful looking building, 24 screens, lots of concessions, great seats, great audio but then reality sets in. The costs are outrageous and it […]

Movies Hellboy II: The Golden Army Movie Shot

Writer/director Guillermo del Toro returns the world of his 2004 film, Hellboy. Hellboy II: The Golden Army is an action-packed comedic surprise that will keep most any viewer glued to their seat. It also comes on the heels of del Torro’s masterwork, 2006’s Pan’s Labyrinth. I’m most notably not a comic book fan and, as […]

Movies Funny Games Movie Shot

The movie of the week is Funny Games. It stars Naomi Watts and Tim Roth. Basically it’s a story about a typical well-to-do family that ends up tormented by two roving psychopaths. The movie had its moments. The psychos are very original. Unlike any others you’ve most likely seen in any movie. They’re so grating that […]

Movies Cloverfield Movie Shot

We saw Cloverfield yesterday. It’s been talked about as a new Blair Witch-like experience in that there are no big name actors and it’s all shot from a first-person perspective where the viewpoint is all taken from a video camera held by one of the participants. It’s also referred to as a “found footage” film. However, […]