GENRE: Music

Movies Begin Again Movie Shot

A burned-out music producer and forlorn songwriter work together on a new album, bringing them peace and passion in Begin Again. New York City is no stranger to countless untold rags-to-riches stories and nearly as many rags-to-riches-to-rags stories. Dan Mulligan (Mark Ruffalo) hopes to be one of the few that can turn the corner, adding a […]

Movies Jersey Boys Movie Shot

Four young men leave the tough streets of Newark, New Jersey, to create a historic rock sensation in Jersey Boys. They were the biggest rock group in America before another fab four came over from England to rewrite rock history. In 1951, small-time hustler Tommy DeVito (Vincent Piazza) fills an opening in his local band with his golden-voiced […]

Movies Inside Llewyn Davis Movie Shot

A confined cat, desperate to explore his tantalizing surroundings, is waylaid by a perpetual loser in Inside Llewyn Davis. Okay, so that’s not the intended synopsis of the latest Coen Brothers film, but it likely would have made a more entertaining tale than the one they actually produced. This period piece from 1961 features a […]

Movies Metallica: Through the Never Movie Shot

Concert films come in all flavors. There are the kinds that mix backstage footage with the performances, and then there are the types that just show the concerts from various angles but don’t add more to the mix. The latter types are almost never released to theaters other than Fathom Events, which are usually screened […]

Movies Quartet Movie Shot

A retirement home for the musically gifted is the setting for a nearly-overlooked film that marks the directorial debut of Dustin Hoffman (at a spry 75) in Quartet. The namesake group is played by Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay, Billy Connolly and Pauline Collins. The home is populated by some of the biggest names in musical […]

Movies Samsara Movie Shot

Stunning visual imagery takes the viewer on a surreal journey around the world, from the common to the exotic, in a trance-like experience in the new film, Samsara. One of the most unusual and most difficult to describe movies I’ve ever seen has to be Samsara. This film, from a director known (perhaps that’s too […]

Movies Searching for Sugar Man Movie Shot

Music is a funny business in many ways. One of the oddities of music revolves around the fickle nature of success. Some musicians are hit the big time while others labor in obscurity. What’s more perplexing is when an artist is relatively unknown in one country while being a virtual superstar in another. Searching for […]

Movies To Rome With Love Movie Shot

The other film of the week is Woody Allen‘s latest endeavor—To Rome with Love. Here we get a tale that involves us in the story lines of several groups of people all centered around Rome. First there’s Hayley and her new Italian boyfriend Michelangelo (Alison Pill and Flavio Parenti) and her parents, Jerry and Phyllis (Woody Allen and Judy Davis) […]

Movies Nowhere Boy Movie Shot

I ended up seeing Nowhere Boy—a biopic on John Lennon that takes us from childhood to his departure for Hamburg where The Beatles honed the skills that soon after brought them to the iconic fame we’re all familiar with. The movie delivers in just the way I think a solid biopic must. It presents a compelling, believable story that infuses […]

Movies Pirate Radio Movie Shot

This weekend found me catching the latest Philip Seymour Hoffman film — Pirate Radio. The story is very loosely based on actual events regarding a radio station broadcasting into England from a cargo ship out at sea during the mid-1960s. On-screen text tells us that the majority of England are fans except for British government officials […]

Movies Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist Movie Shot

This week I’ve been a bit busy (plus the Phillies won the World Series) so I forgot about having seen Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. That comment alone is not one that suggests lots of upcoming positive praise. This is another in a growing list of movies trying to be like all the other Judd […]

Movies U2 3D Movie Shot

Been off to a slow start this year with respect to movies. Not a lot has interested me so far and the few I’ve seen have been from last year. This Friday a bunch of us got together to see U2 3D. This film is pretty much a musical concert featuring the internationally famous U2 […]