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Movies Everest Movie Shot

In the early days of IMAX, you had to go to a science museum or other specialized installation to see the large-format films. Many of these presentations were made inside domes or other structures rather than on traditional movie screens. Over two decades later, most major theaters have an IMAX screen. The early draws were […]

Movies Sunshine Superman Movie Shot

A nerdy, eccentric engineer finds love and wonder in the curious documentary Sunshine Superman. Carl Boenish knew a thing or two about overcoming daunting obstacles. As a child, Carl was stricken with polio, losing the use of his legs for nearly a year. Once back on his feet, nothing could keep him grounded. Boenish would […]

Movies McFarland, USA Movie Shot

A down-on-his-luck high school football coach gets a second chance in McFarland, USA. Coach Jim White (Kevin Costner) found himself on the outside looking in when his high school coaching career suddenly, unceremoniously came to a grinding halt. Left with no other options, White took the only opportunity available to him — a low-paying assistant coaching […]

Movies Unbroken Movie Shot

A young man trades a troubled youth for Olympic success before taking on his greatest challenge as a prisoner of war in Unbroken. Louis Zamperini (Jack O’Connell) grew up in the shadow of his older brother Pete. In an effort to stand apart, Louis often chose to focus his boundless energy on hijinks that more […]

Movies When the Game Stands Tall Movie Shot

A high school football coach must refocus his young team’s priorities after its highly-regarded winning streak comes to an end in When the Game Stands Tall. De La Salle’s high school football coach, Bob Ladouceur (Jim Caviezel), was the man behind the legendary winning streak of 151 games, spanning 13 years and 12 flawless seasons. As […]

Movies Draft Day Movie Shot

A veteran general manager, under intense pressure to deliver, prepares to build the team’s future in Draft Day. One of the biggest events in professional sports is draft day in the National Football League (NFL). It literally redefines every team in the league. Over the last few decades, the NFL has built the event into […]

Movies Cuban Fury Movie Shot

A onetime topflight salsa protégé is drawn back to the rigors of dance in Cuban Fury. In his early teens, Bruce Garrett (Nick Frost) was a salsa savant, ready to make his mark on the world by claiming a local major dance title. With his revered salsa coach, Ron (Ian McShane), awaiting his arrival, Bruce […]

Movies Grudge Match Movie Shot

Two retired boxing adversaries get one last chance to settle a decades-old grievance in Grudge Match. Thirty years ago, two boxers — Henry “Razor” Sharp (Sylvester Stallone) and Billy “The Kid” McDonnen (Robert De Niro) — faced each other in two monumental matches with each winning one bout. On the eve of the culminating third event, Razor […]