WRITER: L. Frank Baum (source material)

Movies The Wizard of Oz: An IMAX 3D Experience Movie Shot

The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie. Period. It has everything I like about a great adventure or musical — memorable characters, catchy tunes, quests, a really evil character, comic relief, amazing special effects (for the time), a talented lead actress and even flying monkeys. Imagine my surprise when I learned that they were going […]

Movies Oz The Great and Powerful Movie Shot

You’ve all heard the expression “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.” I would say that it’s true in most cases. Oz The Great and Powerful may just be that exception. With the word “Oz” in its title, a structure much like the classic […]

Movies Oz the Great and Powerful Movie Shot

James Franco materializes in the form of the famous wizard in the prequel tale of Oz The Great And Powerful. The story takes us back to the merry old land of Oz to revisit the famous L. Frank Baum characters from The Wizard of Oz. Just about everyone here knows the tale as it’s been […]