CAST: Bob Balaban

Movies The Monuments Men Movie Shot

World War II Allied forces commission a group of art historians to track down and recover priceless works of art stolen by Nazi Germany in The Monuments Men. War claims many casualties, but one we rarely consider is the potential loss to the world of art. For many, it must seem almost criminal to try […]

Movies Girl Most Likely Movie Shot

Kristen Wiig stars as a woman whose entire life comes crashing down, forcing her to move back home and confront the genesis of her problems in Girl Most Likely. Imogene (Wiig) used to be on the path to sure success as a playwright. Now, years later, she’s living in the aftermath of having never actually […]

Movies Moonrise Kingdom Movie Shot

Here’s a film we didn’t plan to see. My party and I were there to catch another film (Brave) when one of the people in the group suggested we see the new Woody Allen movie first and then see the other film making it a double-header. So, we went about getting tickets and found our […]