CAST: Bruce Willis

Movies Rock the Kasbah Movie Shot

A washed-up music manager finds renewed hope in the middle of Afghanistan in the dreadfully disjointed Rock the Kasbah. Richie Lanz (Bill Murray) used to be somebody. He once managed all of the big-name acts of the 1970s, but those days are gone and buried, along with Lanz’s career. These days, he’s reduced to living […]

Movies Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Movie Shot

I especially love comic books and graphic novels that take chances or push the limits of the medium. Frank Miller’s Sin City graphic novels wowed fans of comics with their art, storytelling and noir style and feel. Those elements carried over to the film adaptation, still one of my favorite comic book ports to date. […]

Movies Moonrise Kingdom Movie Shot

Here’s a film we didn’t plan to see. My party and I were there to catch another film (Brave) when one of the people in the group suggested we see the new Woody Allen movie first and then see the other film making it a double-header. So, we went about getting tickets and found our […]