CAST: Dwight Henry

Movies 12 Years a Slave Movie Shot

Slavery has been addressed by so many movies and television shows over the years. Many of those stories have their origin in books, as in Roots, while others are entirely fictional and original, as in the recent Django Unchained. It’s rare for a seemingly new story to be unearthed and adapted into a movie. Such […]

Movies 12 Years a Slave Movie Shot

A free black man from New York is kidnapped and sold into slavery in 12 Years a Slave. Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor), an avid violinist, is living with his wife and young children in 1841 when he’s offered a compelling musical opportunity in Washington, DC. Eager for any chance to better their position in life, […]

Movies Beasts of the Southern Wild Movie Shot

One trend you can follow is just how long certain art house films hang around seemingly well past the typical run length. Beasts of the Southern Wild is one of those films. It’s been out locally now for quite a long while. I was intrigued by the previews and the incredibly solid reviews including several […]