CAST: Ed Harris

Movies Snowpiercer Movie Shot

The poorest survivors of a global meltdown fight an oppressive class system aboard a perpetual-motion train in Snowpiercer. The year is 2031. With global warming growing worse 17 years ago, the people of Earth conceived a grand plan to restore the world’s climate. They sprayed the atmosphere with a chemical that, instead of solving the […]

Movies Gravity Movie Shot

When I first heard about Gravity, I joked about it and thought that it could never work. An entire movie of Sandra Bullock and George Clooney floating around in space?! No way! Would it be a disaster or a triumph? As I always do, I withhold judgment until I actually see a movie — no matter how […]

Movies Gravity Movie Shot

A space shuttle crew effecting repairs on the Hubble Space Telescope is bombarded by space debris, leaving them helpless in the vacuum of space in Gravity. It’s the most hostile environment known to mankind. Without extensive protection, humans wouldn’t be able to survive in it for even a few seconds. That harsh environment we call space […]

Movies National Treasure: Book of Secrets Movie Shot

Next up is National Treasure: Book of Secrets. The first incarnation of this sequel received pretty poor reviews and yet I found it entirely entertaining and interesting. When the bad reviews for this one came in I ignored them hoping it was more the same as the first time around. Sadly, this version takes just […]