CAST: Kenneth Branagh

Movies My Week with Marilyn Movie Shot

In what’s likely to be the last film I see from the 2011 slate of films I finally caught My Week with Marilyn. I’ve never been a big fan of Marilyn Monroe. I’ve always found her story to be pitiable and overly hyped simply for the benefit of others. I also was never a big […]

Movies Pirate Radio Movie Shot

This weekend found me catching the latest Philip Seymour Hoffman film — Pirate Radio. The story is very loosely based on actual events regarding a radio station broadcasting into England from a cargo ship out at sea during the mid-1960s. On-screen text tells us that the majority of England are fans except for British government officials […]

Movies Valkyrie Movie Shot

This week I headed out to ski for the first time this year after taking last season off entirely. It became evident at the end of the season before that my leg still wasn’t recovered enough from my earlier break. While I went into the winter of 07-08 with lots of hope that just wasn’t […]