CAST: Leslie Bibb

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Movies are all about manipulation. Filmmakers have been using tricks to manipulate audiences since the very earliest recorded films that include a train coming directly at the audience and a magician disappearing repeatedly in flashes of smoke. These were simple matters of forced perspective and clever editing, but at the time, the audiences were fooled. […]

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Last week I caught Iron Man 2 and it was so good that I couldn’t find the words to describe my feelings. Actually, it was just so boring that I couldn’t bring myself to bother. I loved the first Iron Man. I liked it so much that I had a hard time keeping it out […]

Movies Iron Man Movie Shot

Yesterday the entire family went out together to see Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. As is the case with a lot of the Marvel and D.C. superhero movies, not being a comic book fan, I’m not all that familiar with most of the non-A-list characters. I’d never heard of Iron Man prior to the […]