CAST: Michael Nyqvist

Movies John Wick Movie Shot

I have followed the career of Keanu Reeves like most moviegoers from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure to Dracula to Speed through The Matrix and beyond. Hell, the guy even played Siddhartha in Little Buddha for the few of you who actually saw him in that movie. He’s got an impressive list of films. Although […]

Movies Disconnect Movie Scene

Three seemingly unrelated families struggle to deal with basic human interaction and empathy as a result of technology that seems intent to push us all further apart in Disconnect. The latest film from director Henry Alex Rubin (Murderball) focuses on social media and its direct impact on the lives of people very much like the […]

Movies Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Movie Shot

As 2011 came to a close I found myself seriously behind on my yearly movie count (that is first-run movies I see each year at a theater). In a bid to get the number up to a respectable level I talked my friends into a movie marathon day on Sunday where we managed to stuff […]