CAST: Michael Shannon

Movies Mud Movie Shot

Two 14 year-old boys discover a boat lodged in a tree on a remote island along with the curious stranger living in it, who goes by the name of Mud. This is one of those movies that reviewers go entirely gaga over. Incredible acting, great look and deep messages. Jeff Nichols headed up a compelling […]

Movies Revolutionary Road Movie Shot

This weekend I managed to sneak in two more 2008 movies even though the latter one was officially released on December 31st. The first movie is Revolutionary Road starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in their first pairing since the titanic Titanic. This is a story very much about the era that encompassed the 1950s. […]

Movies Before the Devil Knows You're Dead Movie Shot

Just got back from seeing Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. It wasn’t a bad movie. Again, another case of wonderful acting from the entire cast but generally a movie that felt like something that had covered ground we’ve seen many times before. Nothing in it came as a surprise and, personally, if you want […]