CAST: Patricia Clarkson

Movies The Maze Runner Movie Shot

A confused teen finds himself trapped at the center of a massive maze with no memory of who he is or his life before in The Maze Runner. Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) is jolted awake from a foggy haze, unsure of everything he sees around him. He’s encircled by dozens of grizzled, suspicious boys who forcefully introduce him into […]

Movies The East Movie Shot

A freshly-recruited agent from a top-flight private intelligence company goes deep undercover to infiltrate an eco-terrorist group in The East. Relative newcomer Brit Marling, last seen as the daughter in Arbitrage and also the recent The Company You Keep, stars as an undercover agent named Sarah who is assigned by her boss (Patricia Clarkson) to gain the trust […]

Movies Shutter Island Movie Shot

I’ve had mixed feelings about Martin Scorsese‘s films. Most recently we were offered The Departed and while much of it was clearly brilliant the plot had holes big enough to fly an airship through them. Seeing previews of Shutter Island made me think quite a bit about his past efforts and how many of them […]

Movies Vicky Cristina Barcelona Movie Shot

We saw Woody Allen‘s latest film, Vicky Cristina Barcelona this past weekend and it was a very enjoyable affair. Woody writes dialog better than most writers out there and this film was no exception. It’s my favorite Allen film since, Hannah and Her Sisters which remains my favorite of all his works. The stars include Scarlett Johannson […]

Movies Lars and the Real Girl Movie Shot

Next up for me was Lars and the Real Girl and it was a great surprise. It’s a dark comedy that really is more drama that it is comedy. Ryan Gosling is exceptional as its title character. Anyone who’s unsure about his acting chops needs to look no farther than his portrayal of Lars. You’ll feel every […]