CAST: Brendan Gleeson

Movies Calvary Movie Shot

An Irish priest taking confessions is mortally threatened by one of his parishioners in Calvary. Every Sunday brings a litany of never-ending sins confessed to the local priest by his flock of imperfect penitents. Father James Lavelle (Brendan Gleeson) has heard it all over the years, but this session is different. The ominous male voice coming from […]

Movies The Grand Seduction Movie Shot

A slowly-dying, remote harbor community needs a doctor to close a deal to save its future and plans to get one by any means in The Grand Seduction. The picturesque but isolated town of Tickle Head, on the coast of Newfoundland, has struggled for decades to remain relevant. Its better days are just a distant memory […]

Movies The Guard Movie Shot

An opportunistic Irish cop teams up with a by-the-book FBI agent to go after a local group of drug smugglers in The Guard. This movie, starring Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle, introduces us to Sgt. Gerry Boyle (Gleeson), who just happens to be a cop from Ireland. In fact, this is the first oddity of […]