CAST: Chris Hemsworth

Movies Blackhat Movie Shot

A renowned hacker is freed from federal prison to help track down a cybercriminal in Blackhat. Cybercriminals seem to always be one step ahead of technology. They have a knack for cracking any system regardless of how secure it might seem. Their latest successful attack includes hacking a Chinese nuclear power plant and the Chicago […]

Movies Thor: The Dark World Movie Shot

We’re now in the midst of a glut of movies based on Marvel superheroes and other characters, and there’s no sign of it letting up. For comic book fanboys, this is great; for the rest of moviegoers, it may not be so exciting. I’ll cross my fingers that things don’t decline to the point that there’s […]

Movies Rush Movie Shot

Two radically different race car drivers clash on and off the track during the 1976 Formula One World Championship season in the new Ron Howard film Rush. Race car drivers are a unique breed. That was never more evident than the 1970s when the top speed of race cars advanced more quickly than the drivers, teams […]

Movies Rush Movie Shot

Race car drivers are often overlooked as athletes because many people think that they merely drive around in circles for hours. They don’t realize that racers endure incredible discomfort from the heat and track conditions, experience injuries as a result from strongly holding a jerky steering wheel for hours and deal with the occasional crash. […]

Movies Paranoia Movie Shot

A frustrated tech employee wants his shot at the big time and gets his chance — and all that comes with it — in Paranoia. Adam Cassidy (Liam Hemsworth) works for one of the biggest mobile companies in the world. The problem is that he’s not content to slowly work his way to the top, hoping against […]

Movies Paranoia Movie Shot

When I think of paranoia, I imagine a nagging feeling that someone is watching me or that something is going to happen or go wrong. You would think that the title Paranoia would lead to a film with someone who’s out of control mentally and afraid of something. Well, that’s not the case with this […]

Movies The Avengers Movie Shot

This past weekend I owed a friend a favor after having drug him to several independent films that he found a bit challenging to sit through. He’s very much a more mainstream type of movie guy. He wanted to see Marvel‘s The Avengers and given its stellar reviews I figured I didn’t have much choice but […]