CAST: Josh Duhamel

Movies Safe Haven Movie Shot

The latest Nicholas Sparks novel to be filmed is Safe Haven. It’s another romance surrounded by elements that threaten an otherwise obvious love affair. I must admit that I’m a huge fan of The Notebook which has gotten me no shortage of curious looks from various friends but I still contend it’s a great love […]

Movies Safe Haven Movie Shot

I wish that I had a winning formula for anything — perhaps video game design or writing — that would produce money at a regular rate with different versions of that same formula. Nicholas Sparks seems to have a knack for writing romantic dramas that get turned into movies starring pretty actors kissing in the rain. Some […]

Movies Transformers Movie Shot

Transformers is a world I knew very little about. I was older when the toys hit the store shelves and never watched the cartoon series. In fact, I didn’t even realize that they consisted of good and evil sides. I just thought they were a bunch of creative multi-function toys. Turns out that none of […]