CAST: Léa Seydoux

Movies Spectre Movie Shot

British spy 007 breaks ranks to follow a clue leading him into his own past in the poorly-conceived Spectre. Daniel Craig returns for his fourth appearance as Britain’s top secret agent, James Bond. This time around, he’s on a personal mission to expose a sinister organization, Spectre, run by a shadowy figure named Franz Oberhauser […]

Movies Blue Is the Warmest Color Movie Shot

An inquisitive high school junior struggles to find her own sexual identity in Blue is the Warmest Color. Our high school years are rife with lessons to be learned. The biggest, of course, are those learned outside the classroom, and those often include the most vexing challenges of our lives to that point. For those […]

Movies Blue is the Warmest Color Movie Shot

Every year brings at least one new coming-of-age story. My favorite from this year is The Way, Way Back. Plots about sexual awakening are perhaps rarer, and when they do appear, they usually focus on a male’s perspective. It’s a challenge to successfully combine the two types of films in a single experience and center […]