CAST: Mark Duplass

Movies The One I Love Movie Shot

A couple in counseling heads off for a hopefully introspective and romantic weekend but instead encounters a wholly unexpected challenge in The One I Love. Any couple that’s been together for an extended period knows the challenges of keeping a relationship fresh and rewarding. Most of us are fairly hardwired to return back to our […]

Movies Your Sister's Sister Movie Shot

I love when you find a film entirely by surprise. I happened to be out taking a long walk around Philadelphia and needed a nice respite. That’s when we walked into one of the most popular art house theaters in town and decided to give this little known film a shot. The film is Your Sister’s […]

Movies Safety Not Guaranteed

A magazine tracks down the mysterious poster of a strange advertisement regarding time travel in Safety Not Guaranteed. This is one of those surprising “can do” types of films that doesn’t seem like it has a chance only to keep snuggling up to your emotions and catching you by surprise time and again. Much about […]