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Movies Dallas Buyers Club Movie Shot

A Texas cowboy has to confront the risks of his devil-may-care lifestyle when he contracts HIV in Dallas Buyers Club. The genesis of HIV and AIDS awareness represented one of the ugliest chapters of our recent history. It sprang onto the national spotlight around 1984 and was so misunderstood that it was originally stigmatized with […]

Movies Mud Movie Shot

Two 14 year-old boys discover a boat lodged in a tree on a remote island along with the curious stranger living in it, who goes by the name of Mud. This is one of those movies that reviewers go entirely gaga over. Incredible acting, great look and deep messages. Jeff Nichols headed up a compelling […]

Movies Bernie Movie Shot

Last weekend I managed to catch Jack Black‘s latest film, Bernie. It’s the story of a locally-beloved mortician from Carthage, Texas named Bernie Tiede who befriends a local and very rich widow, Marjorie Nugent (played by Shirley MacLaine). Nugent is known throughout the town as a tyrant of the highest order and she’s despised by virtually […]