CAST: Michael Pitt

Movies I Origins Movie Shot

A molecular biologist searches for the answer to a genetic mystery that challenges everything we know about life in I Origins. Geeky graduate student Ian Gray (Michael Pitt) is fascinated by the human eye. Each one is a work of art unique to its host and no one else. His research, not surprisingly, revolves around the […]

Movies Rob the Mob Movie Shot

A couple of young, white-trash lovers from Queens hatch a plot to solve their financial woes by targeting the mafia in Rob the Mob. Here we have one of those true stories that, as the saying goes, you couldn’t make up for fear of being laughed out of town. The story of Thomas Uva (Michael Pitt) […]

Movies Funny Games Movie Shot

The movie of the week is Funny Games. It stars Naomi Watts and Tim Roth. Basically it’s a story about a typical well-to-do family that ends up tormented by two roving psychopaths. The movie had its moments. The psychos are very original. Unlike any others you’ve most likely seen in any movie. They’re so grating that […]