CAST: Pierce Brosnan

Movies No Escape Movie Shot

Movie critics often compare films to roller coasters. There are highs and lows as well as exciting parts and quiet moments. I’ve done it myself. Sometimes, that’s exactly what the experience in the theater feels like. Imagine if a ride took off and stayed at an intense speed for the duration. They exist. These speed-focused […]

Movies The November Man Movie Shot

A resourceful CIA operative is brought out of retirement to protect a valuable witness in The November Man. Peter Devereaux (Pierce Brosnan) was making the most of his retirement from the CIA, living the good life in quiet obscurity and surrounded by the calming beauty of Switzerland. When a critical witness to a major Russian plot […]

Movies The Ghost Writer Movie Shot

My best friend suggested we see something other than the big movie of the week and so we headed off to see The Ghost Writer. The reviews were all pretty glowing and it sounded like a curiously delicious film. The Ghost Writer stars Ewan McGregor as a successful (but unknown) ghost writer who’s given a […]

Movies Married Life Movie Shot

A quirky 1940s businessman comes up with a novel approach to solve he and his wife’s problems in Married Life. Poor Harry Allen (Chris Cooper) lives each day having to endure his beautiful, adoring wife Pat (Patricia Clarkson) all the while knowing he no longer finds their relationship exciting. Then one day he meets an attractive […]