CAST: Tom Hardy

Movies Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Shot

A resilient survivor teams up with a resourceful counterpart looking to find her way back home in the frenetic chase film Mad Max: Fury Road. George Miller‘s seminal franchise began with 1979’s Mad Max, starring a very young, unknown Mel Gibson. It held the title of most profitable film for two full decades, spawned two […]

Movies The Drop Movie Shot

A simpleminded barkeep and his streetwise partner struggle to make ends meet in The Drop. Bob (Tom Hardy) spends his nights working at a local bar — Cousin Marv’s — in the heart of Brooklyn. It’s a typical neighborhood bar filled each night with sports fans, passersby and the occasional degenerate. Bob’s partner, Marv (James Gandolfini in his final […]

Movies Locke Movie Shot

An obsessive construction manager finds his world unraveling the night before his biggest assignment in Locke. No matter how prepared we try to be, fate — it would seem — often has other plans for us. Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) is the consummate perfectionist. He’s a high-profile construction manager, overseeing projects that demand his ever-constant vigilance on […]