Radical Muslims Need to Find a Hobby.


I’m not a supporter of capital punishment. I have seen no evidence that it works as a deterrent for those who would commit the act. Thus I don’t want to condemn radical Muslim’s to death. However, I am all for Darwinism.

That comment comes into play when I think about the disturbance in Europe over the printing of cartoons that focus on the prophet Mohammed. Apparently Islamic law forbids depiction of the prophet. The response from some knuckleheads over there was to show up armed and surround the European Union offices in Gaza demanding an apology. They also threatened to kidnap various innocent people if they don’t get satisfaction.

Nice job there people. I hate to break it to you, but the people posting those cartoons are not Muslim. Do you think the rest of the world is happy when you kill people in the name of Islam (misguided as the fanatics might be)? Do you think we like seeing our flags burned? Why is it that our beliefs are of no consequence to you but your beliefs should be treated as sacred by the rest of the world? Get a clue. You want respect? You earn respect. Respect is not given at the point of a gun.

By the way, if the religious Right wants to know how the rest of us view them, this isn’t exactly too far off the mark. Fanatics murdering doctors over abortion disagreements, burning down buildings, etc. For us, you’re just a step or two short of the actions denoted above. So the next time you get high and mighty about your disdain for religious fanatics like those above, do try to remember that, for the rest of us, it’s like one tiger telling another one that he shouldn’t be a meat eater.

The entire lot of you wouldn’t be missed if Darwinism took its toll and weeded you out of the mix. Anyone have a good, large mixing bowl handy?

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