I’m So Loved


Today is my birthday. I turned 45 today. I woke up to find my e-mail mailbox bursting with well-wishers. Let’s see who spends their time worrying about my personal well-being:

Hmm, first I have a note from FlightSim.com. That’s nice. Then there’s a note from Sunday River (ski resort) and here’s one from Scriblink!

It goes on like this as follows:

  • Happy Birthday from Ventrilo Tech Support
  • Happy Birthday from the people at Broadband Reports
  • Happy Birthday from TCAdmin – The Game Hosting Control Panel
  • Happy Birthday from Game Server Rental
  • Happy Birthday from Team-HK.com
  • Navigraph Newsletter Wishes You A Happy Birthday
  • Happy Birthday from your Allstate New Jersey Agent
  • Have a Great Birthday from your friends at RetroFitness
  • Excel Physical Therapy wishes you all the best on your Birthday
  • Important information regarding your Verizon Wireless Account

Oh, wait, those last people just want to get paid….. They’d be fine if I dropped dead tomorrow (assuming I paid my bill first and that I don’t have any time left on my contract).

This all makes me wonder what I did to piss off all my other “friends” at the countless other sites, locations and companies that I have a paper-thin relationship with that didn’t send me a note today. I wonder if that means they care more or less than Verizon Wireless?

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