Mending Leg


Well, it’s now been one day short of five weeks since my accident at Mont Tremblant. Things have been interesting to say the least. I sent a nice thank you letter to everyone up at Tremblant but didn’t get any sort of reply. I suspect their legal people probably instruct them to say nothing in such cases as it might suggest some level of culpability.

Anyway, had another doctor appointment today and the x-rays looked promising. The bone appears to have started some real healing and is in pretty good alignment, or so the doctor tells me. It looks off to me but he said bones almost never heal in absolute perfect alignment.

The best part about the visit was a huge surprise. He cut the cast down below the knee! The amazing part about it was that moment he finished I wished he hadn’t done it. My knee felt like it was going to snap right off and my lower leg felt like a 300 pound weight attached my knee with a thin strand of fishing line. I wasn’t sure it was going to hold, but of course, it did.

My thigh looked like the thigh of someone who had been starved nearly to death. It’s just one thin bony appendage with skin hanging off of it. That’s going to take some major work. I also can’t get comfortable now and realize just how much I’ve come to rely on my cast. Bending my leg into a nice L shape is now a real challenge. It’s amazing how quickly your muscles forget what their job is.

On the plus side, I should be able to sleep more comfortably and, in a few days, get around a lot more easily. I also suspect I’ll be able to attempt a real shower shortly (using a bag to cover the cast of course).

Thankfully this part of the healing process has gone far more quickly than I anticipated and here’s hoping the next stage goes just as fast.

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