Beck Loves To Bloviate


Today on my way back from a doctor appointment (apparently I’m not terminal yet) I tuned in to Glenn Beck‘s conservative radio show. Glenn’s a strange fellow. He goes from seeming lucid on some points to wildly bonkers on others. Today he’s going off on the “March to Socialism”.

As I said last, this is to be expected but it’s still fun to listen to. His comment this morning was, “Did you hear that now the government has taken over the warranties on all our cars and now we’re firing CEO’s of car companies?

Really Glenn? “All” our cars? Are you sure the government said “all” and didn’t actually refer to just GM and Chrysler? Are you also sure they’ve already done this or said that they’d take care of it as a means to help save these companies IF they went into bankruptcy?

I also noticed that he conveniently left out the tiniest detail about these two companies having first choosing to go down this path by taking money from us. So why is it that the family that takes a mortgage they may not be able to afford is bad but when a car company does something similar that it’s the government that’s bad? Why is that Glenn?

Why isn’t it socialism when corporate American turns to us for a bail-out but it is socialism when we actually give them the money and then expect something in return? Oh, the contradictions….

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