Birth Announcement Time Machine


Apparently we’ve invented a time machine and I totally missed the story. I’d have jumped at the chance to invest in the company behind it. What time machine? Well, that’s the only conclusion I can reach to explain the tinfoil hat crowd that believe President Obama wasn’t born in this country and continue to push this issue as if it actually has any merit.

Forget that Hawaii has gone out of its way to tell and re-tell everyone that approaches them that he was born there and that they’ve certified him.

The absolute undeniable proof is as simple as simple can get. On August 13, 1961 a birth announcement appeared in the Honolulu Advertiser:

How else can this be explained except the use of a time machine? Devine intervention perhaps? Maybe, given the common nature of his name, this was one of the many Barack H. Obama‘s who just happened to have a son that week. Maybe Mrs. Obama was into seeking advice from psychics who alerted her to an amazing problem that would befall her son nearly 50 years later.

Can we please put this story to rest so I can go back to the fun of debunking the myth that Obama also has never pledged allegiance to the flag?

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