Bruce and Ozzy


Now that I’m getting older I find that I have these flashes of long-past memories that remind me of events and experiences now nearly forgotten.

Just in case the ever-shrinking world happens to reach this person, I wanted to let an old Army roommate know about what happened after we parted ways.

Among others assigned to our barracks, I became friendly with a guy whose name I recall as Bruce Corsack or Korsak or something very close to that. Anyway, every single morning just after 5am or so Bruce would annoy the living hell out of me by blaring Ozzy Osbourne out of his tape player. I couldn’t stand Ozzy and here I was subjected to endless barrages of his “music”. To wake up to that every single day, without exception and clearly, with Bruce enjoying every minute of it, was hard to bear.

Well Bruce, I wanted you to know that, in the end, you won. Not long after we parted ways and I returned home I found myself at a Sam Goody‘s store looking for all of Ozzy’s tapes. Today, I’m a pretty happy Ozzy fan and just finally introduced his tunes to my own son who thinks he’s pretty cool.

If you’re out there Bruce, I wanted to say thanks even if it is 25 years after the fact.

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