Colmes Leaving. Will Anyone Notice?


News on the Right today includes an interesting tidbit that Alan Colmes is leaving Fox NewsHannity & Colmes show in the near future.

My big question is, will anyone even notice a difference? I’m not knocking Colmes here. It seemed clear from the outset that this show was always totally about Sean Hannity, period.

Al Franken jokes about this show often and in one of his books referred to it as Hannity & Colmes. That’s pretty accurate in the final analysis.

Not surprising is Fox’s response to this news stating that they’ll likely not replace Colmes and just let it become what it really always was—The Sean Hannity Show.

Alan Colmes is a decent guy but he was always a token on this show. I’m glad this guy is finally getting away from the garbage across the desk but suspect he’ll return to the obscurity he had prior to the show. I can’t imagine bothering with this show after this move. It’s already hard to get through when I watch it. Watching without some joke of an attempt at balance is at least preferable to no balance what-so-ever.

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