Damned Nazi Bay Area Populace…


The other night, on the way home from a weekly event I attend, I started to pay some attention to the show that happened to be on the station I was listening to several hours earlier on the way into the event. The host was someone I’d never heard before by the name of Mike Gallagher. Why is it that whenever I listen to conservative radio shows that it only takes about 5 minutes before something the host says clearly either rings entirely untrue or sounds completely ridiculous? One might incorrectly surmise from just that tidbit that I’m a die-hard Lefty. If so, my voting record would certainly cause quite a stir with the Lefties out there.

Anyway, the host started going on about how San Francisco had just passed a law banning all hand guns and that if you owned one you’d now have to turn it in. He then clearly broke free from his lithium and suggested, in no uncertain terms, that San Francisco was similar in makeup to Nazi Germany. However, that clearly wasn’t enough for this guy. He then felt compelled to break into Nazi-like impressions yelling out phrases like “Heil Hitler” and “Achtung!”

He then talked about his favorite issue of the day and that had to do with Texas voters having solidified their constitution by making it clear that marriage, in the State of Texas, is between a man and a women. I wonder if anyone outside of Texas thought that referrendum ever had any chance of going in the other direction? He then became giddy with anticipation of the nation seeing the wisdom of this move against homosexuals and adopting the same policies for our Constitution.

I couldn’t believe my ears. Did this guy really say both of the above and miss the entire ironic nature of his broadcast that night?

Let’s look at this a bit more closely. First, in what way is San Francisco like Nazi Germany for banning ownership of hand guns? Please explain this to me. Germans in the era of Nazi Germany not only retained the right to carry a weapon—in fact, personally owned weapons were par for the course then. As a German friend of mine noted, “You never knew when the Russians were going to show up.”

What was really funny to me was the second topic. Texas passing legislation that clearly derives from a complete homophobia. The ironic part is that if there was anything what-so-ever that paralled Nazi Germany in Mr. Gallagher’s ranting, it would have been this topic. It’s certainly no secret that the Nazi’s were entirely homophobic. Homosexuals were right behind Jews and on par with the mentally ill on their genocidal hit lists.

How can someone who has an I.Q. above that of a squirrel not see the irony in this? How can a radio show host sit there, in good faith, and spout out drivel like this and not realize he’s got the entire situation bass ackwards? I can only assume that pure, unmitigated, irrational hatred of the type Mr. Gallagher suffers from, blinds such people to such a degree that they no longer retain the ability to comprehend exactly what it is they’re saying.

The scary part is that I’m sure this fellow has a slew of listeners who heard this garbage and couldn’t agree more with him.

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