Debate 2: Answers vs. Rhetoric


I’m in the middle of watching the debate and so far it’s pretty one-sided.

John McCain is not winning this debate so far. He’s doing little with respect to laying out his plans and simply attacking Barack Obama. I also feel much of the approach he’s using as condescending. The biggest example was when he told an audience member that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are two organizations he likely had never heard of.

I also find that I’m becoming completely sold on Obama’s command of the issues. Obama is not without problems here as he’s taking the bait on some of the attacks. However, he is going much further than McCain on laying out detailed specifics on his plans for running the country.

It seems so far that Obama is leading this debate but it’s not, so far, by a knock-out. McCain certainly isn’t gaining any ground with this. His rhetoric is often putting him in bad light and driving independent voters towards Obama.

I was leaning towards Obama and the reality of Governor Sarah Palin as McCain’s choice has pretty much cemented my decision. This debate is just working to make me feel more comfortable in my thinking. If only I could believe this is the same John McCain from 2000….

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