Dems Could Surprise Us But It Would Be A Surprise.


If the Democrats take control of Congress this week, I have to wonder what the odds are that they’ll look back at 1994 and think, “Let’s do something to assure that doesn’t happen again in our generation”.

What would do that?

First, the Dems should do everything in their power to curb the spending. They talked a lot about how spending is out of control with the current administration and Congress. Fine. Show us how you can provide social programs but also balance the budget.

Second, do everything humanly possible not to raise taxes for anyone from the middle class down. Rolling back the gifts Bush provided to the wealthy I have no issue with even though I personally benefit there. The wealthy will play that as increasing taxes but make sure they can only point to wealthy people paying what they paid before.

The Dems have a chance here to throw every single accusation right back at the Republicans by simply not giving them the ammunition. The big question is, can they keep their hands out of the ammo box? I have serious doubts about that but it would certainly be great to see them give it a shot for a change.

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