The Descent has Begun!


On April 26th I posted a message about my view that George W. Bush will go down in history as one of the worst President’s the nation has ever had. I mentioned that it might take quite some time for him to fully reach this level as you always need to get very clear of the present to see things without a lot of bias getting in the way.

Anyway, I just noticed that a Quinnipiac University poll released today has already started the realization process towards this view. This national poll identified voters choices of the best and worst Presidents since World War II.

Seems that 34% of those polled choose Dubya as the worst President out of that group. Second place went to Richard Nixon with 17% of the vote.

Ronald Reagan was chosen as the best President of that era by 28% of the voters with Bill Clinton second at 25%.

While the results clearly are impacted by more recent events, it’s interesting that twice the number of people found Bush worse than Nixon. Given time for the debacle of last two terms to sink in and I have no doubt that Bush’s numbers are just going to get worse.

If you voted for this guy once, hey, mistakes happen. If you voted for him twice then congratulations. You’re going to be associated with having unanimously supported the worst President this nation has ever seen. Boy will historians have a field day with our generation as a result. School books will point out that people not only supported this guy but actually voted him into office for a second term.

I figure I’ve got about 45 more years for our generation to erase this stain, otherwise the future generations will look back at virtually all of our shared time on this planet as a big exercise in stupidity.

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