Do They Also Have A Tattoo?


Speaking of much ado about nothing….. I’ve noticed something a bit strange about the Bush Presidents. Why is is that in surprising numbers they show up with embroidered jackets that point out their own titles as if they’ve forgotten they were once President?

What am I talking about? Check out this photo:

If you blow this up a bit you’ll notice that it says, on his right chest, “41st President, George HW Bush”.

This is what he wore to go sky-diving today on his 85th birthday. He did a tandem jump so it was just he and the sergeant he jumped with. Did anyone think they’d confuse these two and thus it was essential that he wear this identifying garb? Also, think about this thing. How often will he actually wear this that someone had to take the time to go about embroidering it?

The odd part of it is that while I once recall seeing Bill Clinton wear a jacket like this (and there’s no doubt about his ego) I’ve seen the elder and younger George’s wear a similar jacket time and again. It just strikes me as a bit odd as if they need some sort of validation of themselves that they can’t get without a garment.

Of course it could be all about charity. Bill O’Reilly just auctioned off a jacket that the Reagan Library people gave to him with similar embroidering and it sold for $25,000. I’m left to question who would pay that sort of money to buy a jacket that has someone else’s name on it and makes little sense as to the connection. Bill O’Reilly has what in common exactly with the Reagan library that he warrants a personalized jacket? So maybe the George’s wear these once and then sell them to charity. No matter what the reason I’m just curious to know what it might be.

FYI, I’ve seen President Obama wearing a shirt with the same sort of deal going on. Is this some sort of new men’s club fashion statement perhaps? I think we know who you guys are. If we’re not sure we will figure it out as we approach you to get a closer look and get knocked into the cement by a black suit, dark glasses-wearing Secret Service entourage.

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