Do They Even Hear Themselves?


I decided to watch Hannity & Colmes tonight to see what Alan Colmes would say about his departure. The segments prior to that were quite challenging to get through.

We had Karl Rove continuing to impress me with this new persona that he’s adopted regarding honesty. It’s amazing what a turn-around this guy has gone through. Now that the election is over he’s been nothing but forth-coming, direct, likable, intelligent. The sad part is it underscores just how full of crap the guy was for the last eight years. Phrases like, “Let’s give the guy [Obama] the credit he’s due” keep coming out of his mouth and it’s a little scary right now. It’s a bit like the feeling you’d get watching a freshly-enlightened Hitler hand a little Jewish girl a fresh apple. Can it be?

Then we had to endure some talking-head Congressman from Virginia go on for two minutes ripping everything Obama has done to date and then when Colmes asks him if it might not be a good idea to let the guy get into office before he starts this approach the Congressman tells Colmes that he’s not criticizing him. Really? Could have fooled me.

Then we get the always-reliably-full-of-shit Dick Morris. This guy is like athlete’s foot. There’s just no way to get rid of him. He had this wonderful exchange with Sean Hannity:

Hannity: One of the things that’s a little frustrating to me…. Now we’ve had tough economic times in this country. Economic systems, they go up, they go down. There’s an ebb and flow to it. President Bush inherited a recession. Uh, but he got out of it through tax cuts. Uh, my frustration is, every time Barack Obama speaks he’s trying to inst…. ‘The worst economic times since the Great Depression‘.

Morris: Right

Hannity: And I believe that’s part of his strategy, to scare the livin’ daylights out of the American people so they will buy, hook, line and sinker, whatever he proposes no matter how massive this new government spending is gonna be. Do you see this as a strategy on his part?

Morris: Absolute…absolutely true. First of all, the crisis is of a huge magnitude. Secondly, as I said, this has to be worked out by the capitalist system with creative destruction getting rid of the people that borrowed too much in the companies that are unsound. Meanwhile, you can’t cause agony to the American people so you need to give them methadone and that’s what this stimulus package is. Will it solve the problem? No. Will it ease the pain? While it’s working itself out? Yes.

Are you kidding me? I don’t even know where to start with the pile of total BS above. Hannity starts in with the garbage about George Bush inheriting a recession. The was no recession. The economy was slowing down but it never went into recession. He just loves to say it because it sounds so good. Also, he fails to mention who was in control of Congress at that point. In other words, whatever he inherited, as he’s said many times before, is the entirely the fault of Bill Clinton.

He then wakes himself up and has a moment of clarity saying that the economy does ebb and flow. But he then gives us the wonderful line that Bush got out of it through tax cuts. Oh really? What you’re missing above is a great piece of theater. Remember I mentioned Rove above? Well, during Rove’s segment he agreed when Rove pointed out (surprisingly again) that they learned the hard way that tax cuts (using give-backs) don’t help the economy—that their checks didn’t go back in—that five out of six checks went to debt (as many of us all knew going in except the so-called experts in office). Here he is, minutes later stating that Bush got out of his imaginary recession using tax cuts.

He then does a hideous impression of Obama when quoting him saying it’s the worst economic times since the Great Depression. His new bailiwick is this idea that Obama is trying to use scare tactics to get what he wants. Leave it to the King of Fear Tactics to point out this one… But that’s not the funny part. The funny part is Morris’ response—”…absolutely true.”

It is? Then why, Dick, did you follow that smiling, head-nodding approval, “absolutely true” ejaculation with, “First of all, the crisis is of a huge magnitude.”

So it’s okay to admit that it’s a huge crisis but Obama is to be faulted by referring to it as such?

My god men…. Get a clue. Listen to your own rhetoric as it leaves your mouth. THIS is why the Republicans are losing ground. THIS is why Fox News is losing viewers. THIS is why Republicans lost the election. People may be stupid at times but they’re not this stupid.

Hannity followed up all this by once again predicting that he’ll be wrongly audited for his attacks on the new administration. This is yet another Hannity prediction that I suspect will come to nothing.

He then again mentioned the morally unacceptable line that Al Franken is trying to steal the Minnesota election (all while Morris nods in agreement) while not mentioning a word about Norm Coleman doing exactly the same thing Franken is doing (except to a larger degree). However, it wasn’t his goal to mention this. His goal was to once again open the floor for Dick Morris to plug his favorite action committee and beg the audience (as he’s done countless times) to make a contribution. Now I haven’t watched ahead but let’s see what Dick Morris says…..

“And I’ve been pushing very, very hard for a group called…..” and he’s goes on to name them and praise them. I’ve watched this show for the last week at this is at least the third or fourth time I’ve seen Morris on and each time he mentions this group. Now we find out he’s associated with them directly. Big surprise. He claims he’s not associated with them while meanwhile admitting they bought ads on his personal website and equates it to them buying ads in the New York Times. Nice try Dick. He says people need to donate immediately and tells people their whole
future depends on it… Wow, I guess maybe we all should. I’d hate to think that the the sun won’t come up any longer if Saxby Chambliss isn’t re-elected in Georgia. Of course this is nothing new for people around Hannity. Hannity himself once told his radio audience that keeping Nancy Pelosi out of leadership was worth DYING FOR. I’m still waiting for him to go first on that one.

And these are the pinheads who have the audacity to ridicule Obama for calling this the worst economic times since the Great Depression? Puuuuhleeeeez.

Interesting prediction from Dick Morris worth noting. He said Obama will be at 20% approval in 2 years. Let’s see. Of course this is from the guy who wrote the book, Condi vs. Hillary: The Next Great Presidential Race. I notice he doesn’t attempt to talk that book up while doing these shows (but I have heard him continually say, “…just as I predicted in my book…..” all the time).

Oh, and Alan did finally speak on the topic I wanted to see 58+ minutes into the show. In response to Sean saying that the Dems finally got full control and now Colmes is leaving, Alan said, “Sean, four words. My work is done.” Nice.

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