Do You Still Believe Them?


Here we are after yet another scandal for this administration. It’s getting a bit old to keep blaming all of these issues on everyone but the administration don’t you think?

On this scandal we even have a nice solid e-mail trail to show that this group cannot be trusted to tell the truth at any time. It doesn’t matter if you believe the administration was just in its firing of the prosecutors or not. That’s another issue entirely. That the administration so clearly lied about the entire event tells us that their given reason was entirely a lie as well. Why lie about the reason for these firings if the reason was a just one? The only reason to lie about this would be to keep us from knowing the actual reason. If Karl Rove was responsible for their firing then clearly it could not have been related to job performance. That’s why you lie about it. The administration knew this from the beginning. They knew they couldn’t tell people these firings were political. They knew they were on thin ice.

What gets me about this administration is that they never, ever learn. They lied and said the Justice Department fired these people over performance issues. Then an e-mail shows that they didn’t have anything to do with it and it wasn’t done for performance so they say Harriet Miers did it. That’d be just fine if it wasn’t for the fact that yet another set of e-mails shows that it came from Rove.

Just how power-hungry do you have to be to be so blinded from it that you forget there’s a completely damning set of e-mails out there exposing everything you’re telling people as a set of lies?

At this point you really have to be reaching for the smallest of straws in the tiniest of the darkest corners to be able to continue to support this administration.

I am left to wonder just how long it’s going to take for future administrations to repair the damage this group has done to this country both here and around the world. That assumes we manage to elect a better bunch for a while. On the plus side, it’s hard to imagine any administration being this inept.

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