Dow Jones and Two Presidents


For all of the pundits out there who continue to try to convince us that the current administration has done a great job with the economy, let me take a moment to remind them of some simple numbers:

When Bill Clinton took over office in 1993 the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at 3,301.11. When he left it was at 10,887.36. In other words, Clinton moved the bar more than 7,500 points in eight years. Currently more than seven years in office George W. Bush has managed to get it to it’s place today of being under 12,000 and heading south. At best he had it just under 14,000 and then only briefly. What I’ve noticed most during Bush’s tenure is that the market has fluctuated heavily bounding high on the slightest positive news and then dropping like a rock on the slightest bad news. If he left office today the net result of his impact would be a change of about 1,000 points in all that time.

Please, tell me again how this administration has done such a wonderful job with the economy.

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