Eli Roth Needs To Get A Life


For the second time in a couple months I notice a headline about filmmaker Eli Roth and his blaming piracy for the plight of his movie. In this case it’s Hostel: Part II. Anyone who knows me knows I average about a movie a week and yet I wasn’t even aware there was ever a Hostel (Part I).

This guy has zero clue when it comes to piracy. In his view he’d be filthy rich if not for piracy. It has not occurred to him that his movie is just interesting enough to be downloaded but not good enough to pay for. Why is it that his crap is so persecuted while most other movies have no such problem?

He claims it’s “real money.” As I’ve said many times. No, it’s not. Real money is what you have in your pocket. When it’s IN your pocket and then LEAVES your pocket then you can cry about theft. Until then it’s not real money Eli. How you failed to grasp this basic parenting principle is curious.

He goes on to say he doesn’t want “fans” that are pissed at him over this. Who does this guy think he is? In fact, before these rants I’d never even heard of the guy.

I finally, out of curiosity, watched the first Hostel (I’d have loved to download it, but it showed up on DirecTV as luck would have it, so I just watched it on the DVR. Frankly, be glad most of you have no clue who Eli Roth is. The guy has some real issues. The film is a psychologist’s fantasy come to life. It’s sick beyond anything most of you have seen. I’m pretty sure snuff films would come off tame. I kind of wonder if we’d be better off having the FBI keep tabs on this guy 24/7, especially now that he’s about to blow a real gasket.

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